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Jacob Visser & Jesse Don in a helicopter

ESP Renewables is a consultancy firm focused on the renewable energy industry. We are a broad group of experienced people who have delivered success through reliable service and support for more than ten years in the renewable energy industry.

Partnership with Triton Offshore

ESP Renewables partnership with triton offshore

Triton Offshore can provide engineering support for decommissioning and installation projects throughout the world. Support can be given on wide variety of subjects and can also cover multiple disciplines. For example, the creation of lift plans, rigging designs and rigging 3D models, structural analysis or development of tools and lifting appliances.

Safety professionals toolbox

Safety professionals toolbox

The Energy Institute is a professional organisation for engineers and other professionals in energy-related fields. They have developed ‘The Toolbox’ application supported by organisations including BP, Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organisation (G+) and TotalEnergies. The application allows you to connect with other safety professionals around the world.


ESP Renewables old logo vs new logo

ESP Renewables has grown and changed so much over the last year that we decided it was time to bring everything together with a new clean identity focused on our skills and expertise! Our new logo is about brave people, adding value to the renewable energy transition. This is signified by the ‘wings’ in our logo. Our people are intelligent, sharp, energetic, electrifying and personally involved. Ingredients you should also recognise in our new logo!

Webinar ownership in dynamic transitions

Webinar by Twan van Tilburg 'Ownership in dynamic transitions'

Lunch Time Learning from ESP Renewables
We are delighted to be kicking off our lunchtime webinars in January, with Twan van Tilburg starting our 2022 session with ‘Ownership in dynamic transitions.’

Twan comes from a military background and has a passion for helping organisations and individuals reach their potential.