ESP Transition to Offshore Wind

In this 2 hour training course (and subsequent two modules), participants will gain insight into the planning and execution of offshore wind projects while further understanding how their skills as contractors or employees may be require throughout the process.


Our course developers have all successfully made the transition to the Offshore Wind industry from Oil and Gas or similar industries. This course is designed to ease the transition for people wishing to make the same step and build new careers in a growing industry.


  • Individuals looking to transition to the offshore wind industry from similar industries such as oil
    and gas, nuclear or onshore wind.
  • Individuals looking to start a career in the offshore wind industry.


  • Scoping
    Sites for offshore wind being identified.
  • Development
    Consent applications required for an offshore wind site before it can be built
  • Construction
    Foundation (types), Array Cables, OSS, Export, Onshore sites, Marine Coordination (ERP, ERCoP, PTW System)
  • Operations & Maintenance
    The wind farm will require lots of maintenance throughout this period to guarantee it is running efficiently and to prolong its lifespan. This can include routine inspections to look at the condition of blades, underwater cables and gearboxes for 20+ years
  • Decommissioning /repowering
    As the turbines come to the end of their natural life, the developer will decide whether to decommission or repower (with new turbines). If they are repowered, the cycle starts again.

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